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Decadent Delights-Wellington,CO - chocolate cake with peanuts
Decadent Delights-Wellington,CO - macaron
Decadent Delights-Wellington,CO

In addition to personal events and celebrations, we can produce wholesale quantities from our commercial kitchen​ to meet the needs of other businesses. Desserts are individually pre-portioned and ready to serve. Baguettes are either Sour Dough or Traditional and are sold by the dozen. They are sold fresh and may be frozen by the client. Seasonal selections and custom desserts are available. Delivery and order deadlines are determined by geographic location.

Customer Requirements
  • Must have a valid resale license

  • Must meet minimum order of $100 (3 boxes of 8 cakes per box will meet the minimum order. You may select up to 3 cake flavors, split boxes are not an option)

Decadent Delights-Wellington,CO - key lime cake
Decadent Delights-Wellington,CO - fresh bread

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